Halloween Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies from the Beautiful Wreaths Collection by Suzanne Hue

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Halloween Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies are part of the Beautiful Wreaths Collection by Suzanne Hue. This set of 20 thin metal cutting dies has all things spooky cute! It includes candy, ghost, witch’s hat, pumpkin bucket, bats and more! Designed to work with S5-595 Build-A-Wreath Etched Dies, it makes the wreath ready for Halloween! The set can stand alone to create fun cards and scrapbook pages.

The sets from the Beautiful Wreaths Collection are designed to make wonderful creations around the Build-A-Wreath Die Set. Each set has a theme to change the wreath design. It is a perfect offering for wreath-making creators. Welcome Suzanne Hue to her debut collaboration with Spellbinders!

To download the instructional PDF, please click here. 

Approximate Size:
Jack 'o Lantern Bucket: 1.76 x 1.30 in./4.50 x 3.30 cm
Jack o' Lantern Bucket Handle: 1.33 x 0.98 in./3.40 x 2.50 cm
Hanging Bat: 0.42 x 0.87 in./1.10 x 2.20 cm
Swooping Bat: 1.08 x 0.64 in./2.70 x 1.60 cm
Gliding Bat: 1.33 x 0.38 in./3.40 x 1.00 cm
Wings Down Bat: 0.68 x 1.08 in./1.70 x 2.70 cm
Long Wrapped Candy: 1.15 x 0.34 in./2.90 x 0.90 cm
Round Wrapped Candy: 1.13 x 0.53 in./2.90 x 1.40 cm
LolliPop Base: 0.61 x 0.61 in./1.60 x 1.5 cm
LolliPop Stick: 0.08 x 1.21 in./0.20 x 3.10 cm
Candy Corn Base: 0.53 x 0.82 in./1.30 x 2.10 cm
Candy Corn Layer: 0.53 x 0.82 in./1.30 x 2.10 cm
Ghost: 1.29 x 1.37 in./3.30 x 3.50 cm
Witch Hat Base: 2.58 x 2.07 in./7.00 x 5.30 cm
Witch Hat Band: 1.35 x 0.35 in./3.40 x 0.90 cm
Witch Hat Buckle: 0.42 x 0.34 in./1.10 x 0.90 cm
Bow Loops Layer: 0.70 x 1.76 in./1.80 x 4.50 cm
Bow Tails: 1.40 x 1.40 in./3.60 x 3.60 cm
Bow Knot: 0.30 x 0.29 in./0.70 x 0.70 cm
Happy Base: 1.86 x 0.96 in./4.70 x 2.40 cm
Happy Layer: 1.76 x 0.85 in./4.50 x 2.20 cm
Halloween Base: 2.64 x 0.75 in./6.70 x 1.90 cm
Halloween Layer: 2.54 x 0.65 in./6.50 x 1.70 cm