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Welcome to The BetterPress Society!

BetterPress Society is an exclusive monthly subscription of unique BetterPress Plates available only to independent retailers.

 Each month, society members will receive a new press plate that isn’t available anywhere else, as well as project inspiration and images. Customers are excited and delighted to have this opportunity to build thier BetterPress plate collection by joining the Society, and you can see all the excitement in the BetterPress Society Facebook Group. 

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Help Customers Find You!

We've seen more and more interest in BetterPress Society from new customers. In order to help new customers find stores with avaialability, we've created a google sheet with a list of current participants. 

Please take a few moments to fill out the form with your availability and how customers can get ahold of you. Once fully complete, we'll provide this list as a resource for new members.

Fill Out Sheet

July's Plate

We know you're excited about upcoming plates - we are too!

Here's the information for the May BetterPress Society Plate so you can get ordering! 


July also features an add-on stencil for those who pre-ordered. 


The July plate and stencil are available for members to order from July 1-5.

Buy July's Plate

The monthly email will still go out to BetterPress Society members on the first of each month, but now you can find all the information you'll need right here on the Spellbinders Wholesale site.

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Order Timing


In order to help with the cost of shipping, you’ll be able to place an order that includes the BetterPress Society plate as well as other products.

   On the first of each month, you’ll receive an email letting you know the SKU number for the plate of the month and that it is available. You’ll have a window of 5 days to add your committed number of BetterPress plates to an order with additional items. Once the window closes, any members who do not place an order with their plates will be issued a separate invoice that cannot be combined with other orders. It is expected that the invoice will be paid for within a week; if it is not, the stock will go back to inventory and your society membership will be terminated.

As an example, for July:

  • July 1-5  – BetterPress Society members must pay for their orders. They can at this time add other items to their order
  • July 6 – Any Society member that has not yet submitted their plate order will be emailed an invoice for their monthly quantity. Note that at this time, no other items can be added to the order
  • July 10 – All plates shipped
  • July 15 – Any outstanding invoices not yet paid will be cancelled, their membership terminated, and inventory will go to general stock
  • July 20 – Any extra stock will become available on the wholesale website at a price of $15/plate for non-Society members, and $12 for members

Add-Ons and Upsells

July Add-On

The July plate for the BetterPress Society has an optional exclusive layered stencil. The two stencils are perfect for adding pops of color to this bold plate.


Add-On Details
MSRP $9.99 USD, $13.99 CAN
Wholesale Price $3.49 members / $3.99 non-members

Reservations were made for the add-on plate in April 2024 and only the reserved quantity are available. Any orders of more than reserved quantities will be reduced to ordered amount and a credit will be issued to the account for the difference. 

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Screenshot 2024-03-20 111825.png__PID:6b7cc7aa-f204-4674-881d-edfe9ac4091c

Occassionally, Spellbinders will create exclusive add-on products to accompany the monthly BetterPress Society Plate. These add-ons must be reserved in advance, as they are ordered to meet demand. Society members will be notified when add-ons are available and can be ordered. 

There may also be add-on products that coordinate with the monthly plate but are not exclusive. These do not need to be reserved in advance, and instead can be ordered as normal. 

Spellbinders will provide a list of suggested upsell items for each month's plate. Retailers can view this list as a special collection on the Spellbinders Wholesale website. 

A link to the suggested add-ons will be included in the email sent on the first of the month.

View Current Month Recommendations

Promotional Materials

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We want to be sure to provide retailers with plenty of materials to promote BetterPress Society and add-value to members. Each month, a printable inspiration sheet will be provided to give members ideas on making the most of thier plates. 

All project images will also be provided, as well as logos and other materials used. Click the link below to view the Dropbox with all the promotional materials. 

Download Promotional Assets

Previous Month Plates

January 2024


BP-120 Thanks So Much Floral
5x7 Floral Press Plate & 2 Sentiment Plates


February 2024


BP-153 Fluttering By
5x7 Press Plate & 2 Sentiment Plates


March 2024

BP Soc March-email.png__PID:df52e814-8455-468a-94be-8f9ede81c601

BP-168 Anemone Frame
4x6 Floral Press Plate, 1 Sentiment Plate & Coordinating Die


April 2024

BP Society April.jpg__PID:a4d2ec82-c4c6-4186-85b8-be2bda2bb0af

BPR-007 Birthday Cake
4x6 Registration Press Plate, Registration Template

May 2024

BP May Card 4.jpg__PID:c5b8be2b-da2b-40af-8902-64d5527c1c6f

BPS-001 Peacock Press Plate
5x7 Press Plate 2 Sentiment Plates

June 2024

BPS June Card 5.jpg__PID:2dbf4e3c-1760-489f-a310-a0e8c5e0d60e

BPS-002 Summer Vibes Press Plate
4 x 5" Registration Press Plates, Registration Template

Joining the Society

Retailers participating in the society need to sign up in advance for a 6-month commitment of the number of plates to receive each month. Open registration happens twice a year, in September and March, when retailers will have an opportunity to reserve their quantities for the upcoming enrollment period. 

Retailers must commit to a mininum of six plates per month to become Society Members.

Enrollment periods are:
January - June
July - December

Changes can be made to the reserved plates only during the registration period. Once the registration period is closed, we are unable to change the reserved quantity of plates.

Consider scaling up on your reserved quantity to account for mid-period add-on customers!

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BetterPress Society Registration for the July- December 2024 enrollment period is currently closed. The next registration window will open in September 2024.

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The price for BetterPress Society plates is $24.99 USD / $34.99 CAN for customers who sign up for the six month commitment. Non-members can purchase the plates for $29.99 USD / $39.99. Wholesale cost is $12.00 per plate for members and $15.00 per plate for non-members.

Bonus Plate FREE!

In addition to the discounted pricing, BetterPress Society members are eligible to recieve a discounted press plate for demonstrations. When ten or more plates are ordered, retailers can recieve a plate for 50% off, or when twenty or more plates are ordered, retailers will recieve a FREE plate!

Discount will automatically apply in the cart- no code needed!


To keep things fair for all retailers, plates may not be discounted beyond the membership price. Retailers are encouraged to add value for Society Members by other means, such as:

  • Offer a percentage off other BetterPress items during the subscription period
  • Provide free inks or reinkers
  • Offer a free class once per quarter
  • Create a prize package and do a drawing for all those who sign up
  • Create smaller packages of the Cotton Card Panels to provide with each monthly plate
  • Offer a once a month crop night in the store just for BetterPress Society members
  • Create a BetterPress punch card and offer a dollar amount off the 10th in-store purchase for society members
  • Or, whatever your imagination can dream up!