Universal Plate System

Universal Cutting Plates

Universal Plate System

The NEW Universal Plate System adds even more compatibility for your Platinum Machines with a longer platform and plates for Slimline dies and embossing folders. Works with most brands of etched dies, 2D and 3D embossing folders.

This new system is a set of seven pieces that work in manual die-cutting machines such as the Platinum™ ®, Platinum 6™ ® and Big Shot™ ® Machines. The new longer size allows versatility when die-cutting and embossing. It will accommodate slimline dies and larger embossing folders. It will also work with most brands of thin metal cutting dies, steel rule dies, 2D and 3D Embossing Folders by layering the plates. It will be the only plate system you will need!


What’s Included:

Spellbinders Universal Plate System

(A) Platform Base: 10.625 x 6.25 in./27.00 x 15.88 cm
(B) Platform Top: 10.625 x 6.25 in./27.00 x 15.88 cm
(C) Cutting Plates (2 pcs): 9.625 x 6.0625 in./24.45 x 15.40 cm
(D) Adapter Plate: 9.625 x 6.0625 in./24.45 x 15.40 cm
(E) Embossing Mat: 9.625 x 6.0625 in./24.45 x 15.40 cm
(F) Shim: 9.625 x 6.0625 in./24.45 x 15.40 cm


  • New size platform and plates allows for versatility when die cutting and embossing
  • Easy Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to build the correct sandwiches for Spellbinders® products
  • Works with Platinum™ ®, Platinum 6
  • Die Cutting Machines

The guide provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to build correct sandwiches for Spellbinders® products. Download Sandwich Guide


  • Chemically Etched Dies (CED): Works with most CEDs/Wafer Thin Dies
  • Steel Rule Dies (SRDs): Works with Spellbinders®, Sizzix® Brand SRDs*.
  • 2D Embossing Folders: Works with Spellbinders®, Sizzix®, Stampin’ Up® and other brands*.
  • 3D Embossing Folders: Works with Spellbinders®, Sizzix®, Stampin’ Up®, Tim Holtz®, Creative Expressions® and other brands*.

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    Die Cutting Sandwich Emboss a Cut Shape Sandwich Embossing Folder Sandwich 3D Embossing Folder Sandwich Steel Rule Dies Folder Sandwich

    Embossing Folders Guide:

    The following compatablity guide provides table of 2D and 3D embossing folder compatiblity and sandwich options: Download Embossing Folder Comaptibility Guide PDF.
    Universal Plates Embossing Folders Compatiblity Guide

    Universal Plate System FAQ's:

    Why did Spellbinders Create ANOTHER Plate system? 

    1. Increase Compatibility – With an influx of embossing folders into the marketplace of various thicknesses, we wanted to maximize your creative power with increased compatibility
    2. Bigger Size - Cardmaking and creativity are trending with larger sizes such as slimline (A10) dies and our larger embossing folders which accommodates A2, A7 and A10 Sizes. The new length allows you to use some of those sizes with room to spare.
    3. Easier to use – the Alphabet labeled layers allow for easier understanding of the proper sandwich of materials

    What are the main differences between the new Universal Cutting System and the original Platinum System?

    • The new system is longer to accommodate larger dies and slimline dies/embossing folders.
    • The cutting platform is now divided into TWO pieces to allow for more configurations of products, including 3D Embossing folders, and more products from other manufacturers that would previously not work within the Platinum Machine.
    • This system also includes an adapter plate and shim to help get that perfect amount of pressure needed for assorted thickness of dies, embossing folders, and cutting materials.