Pressed Posies BetterPress Class FAQ

Pressed Posies BetterPress Class

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Pressed Posies BetterPress Class?
This live, interactive, virtual class will take place on Friday, January 12 at 4pm Pacific. We expect the class to run for approximately 2 hours.
When can I purchase the kits and when will they ship?
You can reserve your kits now through November 27th. The kits will be available to add to orders the first week of December, and will ship on or around December 6th.

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For whom is the class designed?
The Pressed Posies BetterPress Class is designed for everyone, from those who have never taken their BetterPress out of the box to those who’ve been fans since the beginning. Maybe you have a person that has been considering investing in the system but is still on the fence – this is the perfect opportunity for them. Or perhaps you have a consumer who bought the BetterPress back in June but has yet to open the box. Let’s get it open and get them BetterPressing! The tips and techniques Kim will share will benefit everyone, and since the bundle contains brand new product, it’s the perfect opportunity for even a BetterPress fanatic to add beautiful new products to their stash.
Where will the class be hosted?
The class will be hosted on a private Facebook group. We find that having a dedicated Facebook group for events such as this is invaluable to build excitement and anticipation for the event, as well share information about the upcoming class, including homework. It is equally important for project and inspiration sharing, which helps build the community and empowers our crafters.
A QR code and a web link for the Facebook group, as well as a passcode, will be included in kits so people can easily access the group.
What if a person cannot attend on January 12th?
The event will be archived on Facebook and a person can watch – or rewatch – at their leisure indefinitely.
What is the cost of the kits?
We are offering a class kit, plus two optional add-on bundles with supplemental products. The Class Kit will be the primary materials used in the class and retails for $55 US ($70 CAN), the Cosmos Add-On Bundle will retail for $65 US ($80 CAN), and the Gold Sparkle Add-On Bundle will be $22 US ($30 CAN). Wholesale cost for the kits is $25.00 for the class kit, $32.79 for the Cosmos add-on bundle and $10.63 for the Gold Sparkle add-on bundle. All kits have set retail prices to allow everyone to offer the kits on an even playing field. For more information about what is in each of the kits, as well as promotional materials for each of the currencies, please view the Pressed Posies BetterPress Class page in the Toolbox on the Spellbinders Wholesale site. ( > Toolbox > Pressed Posies BetterPress Class).
How will the shipping be handled for the class kits?
We heard your concerns regarding shipping expenses, so we've pivoted to help minimize shipping costs. When the kits become available in early December, you'll be able to order the class kits with additional product to help hit the free shipping threshold or to reduce duty fees for our international friends.
What do students need for the class?
To get the most out of the class, students will need to have the Spellbinders BetterPress System, as well as a manual die cutting machine with a 6-inch platform. Students will also need a wax melting spoon and a kettle or heat tool. We recommend the Spellbinders Wax Seal Starter Kit, but any wax bead melting system will work. A supply list is available to help ensure that you have enough stock of all the materials used.
Will you be offering any deals on the BetterPress System and Wax Seal Kits for my customers that don’t have them yet?
Since the BetterPress is still so new, we are not offering any additional discounts on the system. However, we will be discounting the Wax Seal Starter kits to $22 each.
Will you be offering any deals on die cutting machines for my customers that don’t yet have one?
Yes! Beginning October 26th, we will offer Platinum 6 machines at a reduced price when you buy by the case (don’t worry – they come 2 per case). Regular wholesale of the Platinum 6 machines is $87.99; when you buy the case during this promotional period, you can pick them up for $75/machine ($150 for the case of 2).
Will you offer homework in advance of the class?
Homework will be announced in the Facebook group prior to the class, but is expected to be minimal and more to encourage participation.
What can you offer in terms of support to help sell the program to my customers?
We have already created promotional materials for you to use to share with your customers to get them excited about and educate them about the Pressed Posies BetterPress Class. We have created social shares in various sizes, a printable pdf, and a brief video you can also share via social media. Please visit the Pressed Posies BetterPress Class page in the Toolbox on the Spellbinders website to access these resources. We may be available to join Facebook lives for your consumers to talk more about the event and encourage folks to join. Please send an email to to inquire.

There are lots of additional materials available on the BetterPress page to help introduce customers who are new to BetterPress to this fun new system.
Is the product in the kits exclusive to this event?
No, the products in this kit are part of a January 2024 collection that will be launched January 10th. However, customers will be receiving the products early, prior to their official launch. These products will also be unavailable to retailers ala carte until two weeks after the kits go live.
Is this class exclusive to independent retailers?
Yes! We are not offering the class kit or add-on bundles to distributors, nor will it be available on This class was created specifically for independent retailers in response to your request for a BetterPress class.
Will the class be recorded if someone cannot attend during the scheduled time? Can this class be taken at any time?
If attendees are unable to attend the live class on January 12th, 2024 at 4pm Pacific, the class will be recorded and archived in the private Pressed Posies Class Facebook group. Attendees will be able to watch- or rewatch! - whenever they'd like. 
Can I order additional BetterPress plates separate from the bundles?
All of the BetterPress plates used in this class are part of the Pressed Posies collection, a January release. As such, they will be available individually for retailers after the December 18th Zoom call.
Can we combine the kits with a regular order for free shipping?
Yes! We strive to find ways to cut down on shipping costs for our retail partners. As such, these kits will be available on the website to add to a regular order the first week of December. We will email all stores who reserved kits to let you know when the bundles are available to add to order.
Is there a store kit for making samples?
While we don't have a kit specifically designated for stores, we've made BD-0830 such a great value that ordering an additional kit could be a great option for making samples. 
How do I pay for my reserved kits?
Once kits are available on the Spellbinders Wholesale website, you will receive an email letting you know that they're ready to be added to an order. You'll then be able to login to the website and place an order as you normally would.