2023 Advent Calendars

We love Advent Calendars and we know you do, too! That's why we're creating not one but TWO calendars for the 2023 holiday season!

We're bringing back the Crafty Advent calendar, which will be similar to last year, but with a few improvements. The Crafty Advent Calendar will have 24 windows of crafty surprises,  will retail for $54.99 and will launch in September. 

We also have a brand new calendar we're calling the 12 Days of Stitchmas. The retail on this calendar will be $74.99. This calendar is packed with twelve brand new, full sized, holiday themed stitching dies. 12 Days of Stitchmas will launch in August, and we will be doing a craft along during September to help with education around the stitching dies. 

ADV-002 Spellbinders 24 Day Crafty Advent Calendar
MSRP $54.99 USD   $75 CA   £48.99 

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ADV-003 Spellbinders 12 Days of Stitchmas 12 Day Advent Calendar
MSRP $74.99 USD   $100 CA    £65.99
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How do I reserve 2023 Advent Calendars?

To place a reservation for the 2023 Advent Calendars, please fill out the Google form located at https://forms.gle/y8vSMsCd7848ojC39. Completion of this form will serve as your official reservation.

When is the cutoff date for reserving calendars?

Google forms must be submitted by midnight on March 26, 2023.

Can I change the number of calendars that I have reserved?

Yes. Reservations are open until March 26th, 2023. To change the number of calendars you have reserved, simply submit a new form. We will take the latest dated form as your official registration.

If I do not make a reservation for calendars, can I still order them?

If you do not make a reservation, there is no guarantee that you will be able to order 2023 advent calendars. After all reservations have been fulfilled, we will release any remaining stock for general orders. In order to ensure that you will receive calendars, be sure to complete your reservation prior to March 26th.

Will there be a confirmation process to ensure that I receive my calendars?

An email confirming the number of calendars you have reserved will be sent out on Monday, March 27th. You do not need to take any additional steps once you have received this email, it is only so you know we have received your reservation.

I was not able to get the number of calendars I ordered last year. Will that happen again this year?

We are starting the reservation process significantly earlier this year to make sure there are no issues fulfilling orders, before we have placed the order with the factory. We have also removed the double confirmation process to ensure a smoother fulfillment. As long as you make a reservation, you will receive the advent calendars you have reserved.

When will the calendars ship out?

The 12 Days of Stitchmas calendars are expected to ship in August, and the Crafty Advent calendars are expected to ship in September.

What will happen when the calendars are available? How will the payment and shipping queues work?

In early August when the 12 days of Stitchmas calendars are available, we will email draft invoices for the number of 12 Days of Stitchmas calendars reserved. In early September when the Crafty Advent calendars are available, we will email draft invoices for the number of Crafty Advent calendars reserved.

You will not be able to add additional calendars to your order, but you can reduce the amount in your order up to 10% of your reservation. Please notify us via email if you need to make this change, as you will not be able to adjust the draft order.

Orders will be placed into the shipping queue as soon as invoices are paid.

Are Advent Calendar orders first come, first served?

Calendars will be shipped based on when the invoices are fully paid. Shortly before the ship date, we will email draft orders out for those who have made reservations. Once you have paid the invoice, your order will go into the queue for shipping.

If remaining inventory is released for general purchase after the reservations have been fulfilled, those orders will be first come, first served.