Yasutomo Reddish Gold Japanese Watercolor

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Yasutomo Reddish Gold Japanese Watercolor is a rich, bold metallic that stands out vividly on art papers. Japanese watercolors are highly pigmented in order to work even on absorbent rice papers. The pigments are ground more finely than Western watercolors and have less binder, which makes them highly pigmented. They can be used along with Western watercolors to produce unique effects. Japanese watercolors dissolve very quickly in water and are very smooth and non-granulating. These lightfast colors come packaged individually in 2 ¼” reusable porcelain dishes. Because each dish carries a generous amount of color, these singles are extremely long-lasting.


Approximate Dimensions: 3 5/32” x 3 5/32” x 7/8”
Weight: 3.9 oz