Tiered Tray Dies from the Becky's Tiered Tray Collection by Becky Roberts

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These Tiered Tray Etched Dies are from the Becky's Tiered Tray Collection by Becky Roberts. When assembled, this set of five thin metal cutting dies can create a tiered tray. It is a perfect foundation for the accessory pieces from S5-547 Tiered Tray Décor Etched Dies to be added.

Bring this trendy home décor piece into paper crafting with Becky’s Tiered Tray by Becky Roberts. Mix and match within this collection to personalize fun creations for yourself or for your friends!

Approximate Size:
Tray A: 3.70 × 1.43 in./9.39 × 3.64 cm
Tray B: 3.00 × 0.70 in./7.63 × 1.78 cm
Post A: 0.39 × 1.82 in./1.00 × 4.64 cm
Post B: 0.37 × 1.27 in./0.93 × 3.23 cm
Finial: 0.79 × 0.79 in./2.02×2.02 cm
Tray Bases (2 pcs): 0.45 × 0.21 in./1.15 × 0.54 cm