You are cordially invited to a whole new world of creativity with the Spellbinders BetterPress letterpress system.

This innovative and effortless system allows you to create projects with the enduring elegance of letterpress design, without the complicated setup or mess. You'll be creating rich, stunning stationery and cards that are sure to impress. The press plate designs are both timeless and on trend, including graphic sentiments with a nod to vintage printing as well as floral bouquets that are perfect for shading with pencil or watercolor.

The combination of high-quality cotton card panels, specifically formulated ink and detailed imprinting of BetterPress plates ensures that your projects will be irresistibly touchable, with luxury you can both feel and see. Experience the refinement of letterpress in your home with Spellbinders BetterPress.


  • Platen
  • Chase
  • Shims
  • BetterPress Cotton Card Panels
  • Best Ever Craft Tape
  • BetterPress Ink
  • BetterPress Press Plates

How To BetterPress

Place three Shims on base of Chase and layer magnet insert over Shims. Place BetterPress Press Plate on Chase (the magnet insert will keep the press plate from moving); use registration lines to determine correct placement.

2Place card panel on underside of Platen and use Best Ever Craft Tape to secure in place. The registration marks on the Platen match the marks on the Chase.

3Open BetterPress Ink Pad; lightly tap raised ink pad across the BetterPress Press Plate. The ink pad is raised enough that a brayer is not needed. Note: make sure to use a well inked pad; reink pads when necessary with BetterPress Ink Re-Inkers


Align Platen to gently sit on the 4 corner spring pins on the Chase. Do not press down.

5Place Chase with Platen onto manual die cutting machine. The machine rollers will evenly press down on Platen as the Chase is run through the machine.

6Carefully remove the Platen and the BetterPress letterpress design will be revealed! Carefully remove card panel from Platen. If repeating same design, reink and repeat.

The BetterPress Letterpress system is great because it works with so many other machines! A rule of thumb is that any machines that can Glimmer, or can cut Steel Rule Dies can also use BetterPress. The BetterPress system is NOT compatible with any machines that can't cut Steel Rule Dies or that don't have at least a 6" wide platform. If you still aren't sure don't worry, we've listed the compatible machines out for you.

Machines BetterPress is compatible with:

  • Spellbinders Platinum, Platinum 6
  • Deep Sea Die Cutting and Embossing Machine
  • Sizzix BigShot
  • Sizzix BigShot Express
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus
  • Sizzix BigKick
  • Sizzix Switch
  • Tim Holtz Vagabond
  • We R Memory Keepers Evolution
  • RG Amaze
  • Stampin' Up!

Machines BetterPress is NOT compatible with:

  • Cuttlebug
  • Gemini
  • Gemini II
  • Anna Griffin Empress
  • Machines that can't cut Steel Rule Dies
  • Machines that have a platform smaller than 6" wide

Tips For Success

  • Periodically clean press plates with Ranger Archival Ink™ Cleaner to assure a clean, detailed impression.
  • To clean the plates, remove from magnetic pad in the chase; using a lint-free cloth (such as a flour sack towel), apply Ranger Archival Ink™ Cleaner to cloth and rub plates. We recommend rinsing with dish soap and water to remove any residue. Dry thoroughly before using.
  • BetterPress Ink is an oil-based dye ink. When dry the ink will not rewet, making it perfect for coloring with dye inks and watercolor.
  • BetterPress Ink Pads should be periodically reinked for the best impressions from the press plates.
  • Other cardstock and papers can be used, but there may not be the same impression as is achieved with the cotton card panels.
  • If using double weight cotton card panels, remove shims from beneath the magnetic base of the chase.
  • It is not recommended to use pigment ink. The foam pad and ink may apply too much ink to the press plate and will result in an over inked impression.
  • Other dye or oil-based inks may be used, but the impression may not be as dark as with the special formulation of BetterPress Ink.
  • When die cutting an image that has been “BetterPressed”, use a pristine top cutting plate. Because of the thickness and delicate nature of the cotton card panels, any cuts or impressions in the top cutting plate may transfer to the die cut card panel image.
  • Keep a pair of tweezers handy for use with the Best Ever Craft Tape. Peel back the tape with tweezers; remove card panel but keep the folded back tape in place. Put the next card panel in place and just fold down the tape on the card panel corners again. You will be able to get quite a few pressings before having to replace the tape.