Stitched Thank You & For You Etched Dies from the Out and About Collection

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Stitched Thank You & For You Etched Dies are part of the Out and About Collection. Grab this fun set of six thin metal cutting dies to express thanks! The lowercase casual font of thank, for, and you words has stitching designs to thread embroidery floss or leave as it. Can be used alone or add its outline for a bolder look.

Approximate Size:
Thank Base: 3.79 x 1.98 in./9.60 x 5.00 cm
Thank: 3.63 x 1.82 in./9.20 x 4.60 cm
For Base: 1.92 x 1.66 in./4.90 x 4.20 cm
For: 1.76 x 1.50 in./4.50 x 3.80 cm
You Base: 2.24 x 1.48 in./5.70 x 3.80 cm
You: 2.08 x 1.32 in./5.30 x 3.40 cm