Slider Bar Accents Etched Dies from the Birthday Celebrations Collection

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Slider Bar Accents Etched Dies is from the Birthday Celebrations Collection. The set of 12 thin metal dies has four birthday motifs of a candle, a cupcake, an ice cream cone, and a heart. Each has layers to stack for a fun dimension in each. Works well with S5-509 Pick Your Greeting Slider to accent an interactive slider feature. STP-118 Complimentary Slider Greetings Clear Stamp Set also can be used for more sentiment options.

Commemorate a birthday or any special day with this Birthday Celebrations Collection. It includes everything from cakes, birthday sentiments and other designs to express good wishes on any project! Many items to mix and match including cutting dies, stencils, stamps, hot foil plates, embellishments, and even patterned papers.

Approximate Size:
Arrow: 0.58 x 1.50 in./1.50 x 3.80 cm
Candle: 0.48 x 2.30 in./1.20 x 5.80 cm
Candle Inlay: 0.42 x 1.50 in./1.10 x 3.80 cm
Candle Flames: 0.44 x 0.55 in./1.10 x 1.40 cm
Heart: 1.10 x 1.00 in./2.80 x 2.50 cm
Heart Inlay: 0.95 x 1.00 in./2.40 x 2.50 cm
Cone: 1.20 x 1.00 in./3.00 x 2.50 cm
Cone Inlay: 0.80 x 1.10 in./2.00 x 2.80 cm
Ice Cream Top: 1.20 x 0.87 in./3.00 x 2.20 cm
Cupcake Top: 1.10 x 0.52 in./2.80 x 1.30 cm
Cupcake Liner: 1.20 x 0.71 in./3.00 x 1.80 cm
Frosting: 1.10 x 0.58 in./2.80 x 1.50 cm