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Slide, Stash & Store 1 from Totally Tiffany - 3 Pack 1.25" Trays


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The Slide, Stash & Store 1 by Totally Tiffany revolutionizes crafting storage, ensuring visibility and easy access to your entire crafting stash. The trays are designed for seamless sliding, allowing users to stash crafting materials and tools effortlessly and then store them back onto shelves or work surfaces.

Featuring three trays per pack, each tray measures 1.25 inches in width, 13.5 inches in depth, and 3 inches in height. These trays are specifically designed to accommodate items such as re-inkers, glitter glue, thread, and more.

Fed up with the hassle of reaching for items at the back of cupboards, risking spills and disarray? The Slide, Stash & Store system provides the solution. Organize your bottles, jars, pots, spools, stamps, paper pads, and Buddy Bags in the lightweight trays. Slide them out to quickly locate what you need—visible, fast, and easy.

The Slide, Stash & Store system offers trays in six different sizes, each crafted to accommodate various crafting items and products. Whether it's your craft room, kitchen, bathroom, or garage, this versatile system provides a solution for every space.

Noteworthy is the system's compatibility with cube-style storage, making it adaptable to different storage configurations. If your shelves are too shallow, fear not. The Slide, Stash & Store boxes can hang over the front or back of your shelving, adding valuable storage space.

With Slide, Stash & Store trays catering to a wide array of crafting items, exploring the full range transforms any work area into a perfectly organized paradise. Elevate your organization game with Totally Tiffany's Slide, Stash & Store system.

Approximate Sizes:

  • 1.25" w x 13.5" d x 3" h