Replacement Molding Mat

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Replacement Molding Mat from Susan's Garden Ultimate Tool Kit that assists in creating realistic floral designs. Use for molding Susan's flower dies, or with any flower die to create texture and dimension.

The Foam Molding Mat, with the help of the Stylus Tips and Loop Tips, provide enough “give” to make realistic flowers. Use with the Leaf Tool to add stem lines and veins on leaves. Use Foam Molding Mat with three ball stylus tips to create petal dimension and cupping flower layers. Or use with Two Loop Tools to chapen and add striations to individal flower petals.

It is also an ideal artwork surface that accepts many mediums or use for models and more.

Approximate Size:

Foam Mat: 0.44 x 3.06 x 6.00" 1.1 x 7.8 x 15.2 cm