Luna the Seahorse Etched Dies from the Out and About Collection

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Luna the Seahorse Etched Dies are part of the Out and About Collection. This adorable set of six thin metal cutting dies includes Luna the Seahorse and items found on the ocean floor such as coral, rock and kelp pieces. A wonderful addition for sea lovers!

Approximate Size:
Seahorse Body: 1.43 x 2.29 in./3.60 x 5.80 cm
Seahorse Fin: 0.50 x 0.84" 1.3 x 2.10 cm
Coral: 0.82 x 0.85 in./2.10 x 2.20 cm
Rock: 0.38 x 0.26 in./1.00 x 0.70 cm
Big Kelp: 0.34 x 1.26 in./0.90 x 3.20 cm
Small Kelp: 0.28 x 1.04 in./0.70 x 2.60 cm