Glimmer Live FAQ

Glimmer Live
Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Glimmer Live Hands-on Workshop?

This live, interactive, virtual class will take place on Saturday, May 13th at 9am Pacific. We expect the class to run for approximately 3 hours.

When can I purchase the kits and when will they ship?

Kits will go on sale on the wholesale site on March 29th and will start shipping the week of April 17th. Kits will continue to be available for sale through April, but if your customers want to participate in the live class on May 13th, you will want to get them their kits as soon as you can. International retailers should plan to purchase as soon as possible and will be given priority for shipping.

For whom is the class designed?

The Glimmer Live Hands-on workshop is designed for everyone, whether they’re new to hot foiling or have used the system for years. Maybe you have a person that has been considering investing in the system but is still on the fence – this is the perfect opportunity for them. Or perhaps you have a consumer who bought the system a year ago but has yet to open the box. Let’s get it open and get them hot foiling!  The tips and techniques Kim will share will benefit everyone, and since the bundle contains brand new product, it’s the perfect opportunity for even the seasoned hot foiler to add beautiful new products to their stash.

Where will the class be hosted?

The class will be hosted on YouTube. In the kits, consumers will find a link to the event so they can easily locate it.

What if a person cannot attend on May 13th?

The event will be archived on YouTube and a person can watch – or rewatch – at their leisure indefinitely.

Will there be a special Facebook group?

Yes! We find that having a dedicated Facebook group for events such as this are invaluable to build excitement and anticipation for the event, as well share information about the upcoming class, including homework. It is equally important for project and inspiration sharing, which helps build the community and empowers our crafters.

A QR code and a web link for the Facebook group will be included in kits so people can easily access the group.

What is the cost of the kits?

We are offering two kits – a base Glimmer Live kit, which will be the primary materials used in the training, plus an add-on kit, which will be used during the class for our more “advanced” techniques and to show off other ways to use hot foil. The base kit retails for $99 US ($135 CAN, £85) and the add-on kit for $85 US ($115 CAN, £75). Wholesale cost for the kits is $55 for the base kit and $42 for the add-on kit. Both kits feature brand new product, and both have set retail prices to allow everyone to offer the kits on an even playing field. For more information about what is in each of the kits, as well as promotional materials for each of the currencies, please view the Glimmer Live page in the Toolbox on the Spellbinders Wholesale site. ( > Toolbox > Glimmer Live).

 Please be sure to order kits separately from other products. Orders for kits will ship independently and cannot be combined with regular orders.

Do students need to have a Glimmer system?

To get the most out of class, students should have their own hot foil machine. While it doesn’t have to be a Glimmer hot foil machine, we are best equipped to educate (and troubleshoot) using this machine. A Glimmer system is preferred, but the Go Press and Foil machine is the next closest equivalent. We are offering the Glimmer system at a promotional price to help get these Glimmer systems into consumers hands (see below).

Do students need to have a Platinum or Platinum 6 die cutting machine?

Students need to have their own die cutting machine that works with their hot foil system of choice. For the Glimmer system, that means a Platinum, Platinum 6, or Big Shot, among others. For a complete list of compatible machines, visit the Glimmer page on the wholesale website. We are offering the Platinum 6 machine at a promotional price to help get Platinum machines into consumers hands (see below).

Will you be offering any deals on the Glimmer system for my customers that don’t yet have one?

Yes! Beginning March 13th, we will offer a Glimmer system promotion. We already offer a great value on Glimmer systems by the case of 4 for $290 ($72.50/machine), but to ensure every student has their very own Glimmer system, we will be offering an even deeper discount: $280/case of 4, for a price of just $70/machine. We also are offering a 5% discount for individual Glimmer systems, making the price $78.38/machine.

Will you be offering any deals on die cutting machines for my customers that don’t yet have one?

Yes! Beginning March 13th, we will offer Platinum 6 machines at a reduced price when you buy by the case (don’t worry – they come 2 per case). Regular wholesale of the Platinum 6 machines is $87.99; when you buy the case during this promotional period, you can pick them up for $75/machine ($150 for the case of 2).

How can I ensure that I am ready to help my customers get comfortable with Glimmer?

First, we need to ensure that YOU are comfortable with Glimmer! To help you get “on the Glimmer train,” we are offering a train the trainer class on May 1st at 9am on our Retailer Facebook page. We encourage everyone to attend – whether or not you are participating in the May 13, 2023 Hands on Workshop – but especially if you ARE! You can join the Facebook page at

As a retailer, am I required to purchase a kit?

Technically, no. However, we find that if you have a kit and learn along you will be better equipped to help your customers – and you’ll be empowered to demo the Glimmer, which will help you sell even more!

Are you offering any incentives to retailers?

Yes! If you spend $600 or more on the two bundles (any combination of the two) then you will receive a FREE Glimmer system you can use to demo in your store. If you spend $1200 or more on the two bundles, you will receive a Glimmer AND a Platinum 6 for your demos.

Am I required to attend the training event?

Technically no, but the education you receive during the training will be invaluable to not only empower yourself, but also be able to help empower your consumers.  Even if you cannot attend live, you can always go back and watch the training at a later time, as it will all be archived within the Facebook group.

Will you offer homework in advance of the class?

Yes, but not the type of homework we typically assign. For this class, the important homework will come in the form of getting out the Glimmer system, plugging it in, ensuring the machine heats up as expected, and running it through the die cutting machine a few times to “season” the platform.  While our failure rate is very, very small on Glimmer, it does happen occasionally and we want to ensure everyone can actively participate in the live session on May 13th. We will assign this homework with enough time that we can issue replacement machines in time if needed.

What can you offer in terms of support to help sell the program to my customers?

We have already created promotional materials for you to use to share with your customers to get them excited about and educate them about the Glimmer Live program. We have created social shares (in various sizes) for each currency and kit, plus a printable pdf, and a commercial you can also share via social media. Please visit the Glimmer Live page in the Toolbox on the Spellbinders website to access these resources. We may be available to join Facebook lives for your consumers to talk more about the event and encourage folks to join. Please send an email to to inquire.  

Is the product in the kits exclusive to this event?

The products featured in the kits are from collections launching later this year. The items cannot be purchased ala carte until that time, so the only way folks can get their hands on this product now is to register for the class by buying a kit.