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Quick View Grand Rubber Mat 8.5 x 12

Grand Rubber Mat 8.5 x 12

SKU: GC-006
A larger rubber mat for your Spellbinders® Grand Calibur® machine! This used to emboss the detailed images of Spellbinders®die and Spellbinders® Impresabilities® templates, as well as other specialty items like Brass Stencils. This...
Quick View Platinum Cutting Plates, Standard

Platinum Cutting Plates, Standard

SKU: PL-101
For use with the Spellbinders® Platinum™ Die Cutting & Embossing Machine. Can be used with Spellbinders® Contour™ Steel Rule Dies as well most etched dies and embossing folders. Clear plates enable you to see proper placement...
Quick View Platinum Crease Plate

Platinum Crease Plate

SKU: PL-104
The Crease Plate is for your Spellbinders® Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine. Use this plate to help make those score lines crisp in some of those Contour™ Steel Rule Dies to better fold, such as box shapes. Crease Sandwich for...
Quick View Platinum Cutting Plates, XL

Platinum Cutting Plates, XL

SKU: PL-105
For use with Spellbinders® Platinum™ Die Cutting & Embossing Machine. Can be used with Spellbinders® Contour™ Steel Rule Dies as well most etched dies and embossing folders. Clear plates enable you to see proper placement. Beveled...
Quick View Tool and Accessories Main Attraction

Tool and Accessories Main Attraction

SKU: T-012
This adorable tool attracts our die templates because it has a magnet! Perfect for our messycer, creative space when looking for that die that is buried somewhere. You can also use to organize your dies or place them on the Main Attraction as a holder...
Quick View Enlarged Embossing Pads

Enlarged Embossing Pads

SKU: W-023
Spellbinders® own Tan Embossing Pads make the patented embossing function possible and give papers and foil incredible embossed details. To use Tan Embossing Pads in other consumer die cut machines, see the Compatibility Chart or instructions inside...
Quick View Details Pro Shears

Details Pro Shears

SKU: TO-0063
Our Details Shears are the best in the industry. They feature a 4.5" shelf-sharpening blade. Contains 1 pair of shears.
Quick View Grand Pro Shears

Grand Pro Shears

SKU: TO-0064
Use the best! Our Pro Shears feature an 8.5" self-sharpening steel blade for the perfect cut every time. Contains 1 pair of shears.
Quick View Retractable Craft Knife

Retractable Craft Knife

SKU: TO-0145
Perfect for detail hand cutting paper or other mediums. The retractable knife is easy to hold in the hand; retract the blade for safe keeping when not in use. Knife comes with one blade. Contains 1 knife.
Quick View Journey Cutting Mat

Journey Cutting Mat

SKU: TO-0148
Self healing mat acts as a great general work surface, or when paired with the Craft Knife. Measures 12"x12", 2 sided; side one features centimeter measurements, the other features inches + the most common card sizes. Contains 1 mat.
Quick View Journey Ruler

Journey Ruler

SKU: TO-0147
Metal ruler with cork backing - perfect for pairing with the Craft Knife or basic measuring. Features inch measurements on one end (to the 32th of an inch) and centimeters on the other end. Contains 1 ruler.
Quick View Journey Scoring Board

Journey Scoring Board

SKU: TO-0149
Don't be fooled by the name - this wonder tool not only scores card bases easily and crisply, but also provides the tools you need to create envelopes of every size, 3D boxes and more! Includes crease tool and envelope guide. Measures 12 x 12. Contains...
Quick View Journey Piercing Mat

Journey Piercing Mat

SKU: TO-0155
Soft foam mat perfect for piercing. Pair with our Basics Piercing template and the piercing tip of the Bloom Tool to create fun designs in your creations. Measures 12"x12". Contains 1 mat.
Quick View Basics Piercing Template

Basics Piercing Template

SKU: TO-0160
Use the piercing template to create texture and visual interest to your creations without adding bulk. The template is made of flexible plastic and features several designs include hearts, squiggles, stars and more. Measures 12" x 12". Contains 1...
Quick View Quick Trimmer

Quick Trimmer

SKU: T-017
The Quick Trimmer is a versatile trimmer. It is perfect for trimming thin paper strips as in sentiment strips, and it easily cuts foil to size for the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System. It helps to reduce waste and doesn’t scratch the medium surface...
Quick View Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades

Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades

SKU: T-018
The Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades come is a set of two blades ready to cut once taken out of the package. They are designed to work with T-017 Quick Trimmer to cut foils, papers and other mediums. Approximate Size: Blades (2 pcs): 1.25 in. x 2.875 in...
Quick View New Tool 'n One

New Tool 'n One

SKU: T-016
The New & Improved Tool 'n One has a brand new look and a new tip! The beautiful new white and bronze coloring perfectly coordinates with your Platinum or Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machines. The tool now comes with the consumer-preferred angled piercer,...