Mosaic Bracket Card Builder Etched Dies from the Holiday Medley Collection by Becca Feeken

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Mosaic Bracket Card Builder Etched Dies is from the Holiday Medley Collection by Becca Feeken. The Happy Holidays sentiment is two separate scripted thin metal dies with each its own outline die. Nest the Bracket Split Rim A or B with the Mosaic Pattern to create a beautiful design. Or use separately to expand your decorative edge or inlay motif. Works well with GLP-280 Pinstripe Bracket Card Builder Glimmer Hot Foil Plate set.

Holiday Medley is a magical grouping to celebrate one of the most festive time of the year through paper crafting. Becca Feeken designed an array of dies that can mix within existing sets to offer more creative options, and some that can be added in wonderful larger size card formats or projects.

Approximate Size(s):

  • Mosaic Pattern: 5.65 x 3.00 in./14.30 x 7.60 cm
  • Bracket Split Rim A: 5.65 x 1.17 in./14.30 x 3.00 cm
  • Bracket Split Rim B: 5.65 x 0.81 in./14.30 x 2.10 cm
  • Happy Outline: 2.43 x 1.27 in./6.23 x 3.20 cm
  • Happy Insert: 2.27 x 1.11 in./5.80 x 2.80 cm
  • Holidays Outline: 3.16 x 1.27 in./8.00 x 3.20 cm
  • Holidays Insert: 3.00 x 1.11 in./7.60 x 2.80 cm