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Quick View Quick Trimmer

Quick Trimmer

SKU: T-017
The Quick Trimmer is a versatile trimmer. It is perfect for trimming thin paper strips as in sentiment strips, and it easily cuts foil to size for the Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System. It helps to reduce waste and doesn’t scratch the medium surface...
Quick View Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades

Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades

SKU: T-018
The Quick Trimmer Replacement Blades come is a set of two blades ready to cut once taken out of the package. They are designed to work with T-017 Quick Trimmer to cut foils, papers and other mediums. Approximate Size: Blades (2 pcs): 1.25 in. x 2.875 in...
Quick View Susan's Garden Ultimate Tool Kit

Susan's Garden Ultimate Tool Kit

SKU: T-021
Susan’s Garden Ultimate Tool Kit is a 15-piece tool kit that will assist in creating realistic floral designs. Everything is stored in a zippered clear plastic carrying case.Tool ‘n One barrel is easy on the hands and is used to change out tips. There...
Quick View Reverse Tweezers

Reverse Tweezers

SKU: T-024
Reverse Tweezers provides uniform tension in picking up and handling small items such as die cuts, stickers and more. Squeeze to open the tips. It is ideal for sculpting paper and assisting in tasks such as gluing or spraying items. These self-closing...
Quick View Detail Tweezers

Detail Tweezers

SKU: T-023
Details Tweezers is perfect for accurate pick up and placement of tiny pieces such as die cut shapes, the Color Essentials Gems and more! These bent nose, sharp tipped tweezers are a must have in your basic tool kit. Approximate Size: 0.50 x 0.375 x 4...
Quick View Replacement Brush Set

Replacement Brush Set

SKU: T-020
Get out the last of those pesky dangling chads with our replacement brush set! These replacement brushes are designed to be used with the Tool ‘n One from Spellbinders (T-016). The replacement brush is white to coordinate perfectly with your...
Quick View New Tool 'n One

New Tool 'n One

SKU: T-016
The New & Improved Tool 'n One has a brand new look and a new tip! The beautiful new white and bronze coloring perfectly coordinates with your Platinum or Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machines. The tool now comes with the consumer-preferred angled piercer,...