3D Vignette Hot Air Balloon Etched Dies from 3D Vignette Collection by Becca Feeken

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The 3D Vignette Hot Air Balloon Etched Dies are from the 3D Vignettes Collection by Becca Feeken. When assembled, the set of 21 thin metal cutting dies makes a whimsical hot air balloon. It includes clouds, grass, and sentiments to add. Folds into an envelope to mail. A PDF instruction sheet is available to guide you through with assembly. The finished project measures 1.30 x 3.10 x 5.80 in./3.50 x 7.90 x 14.80 cm.

Bring some fun pieces to life with this 3D Vignette Collection! Becca Feeken chose a few of her favorite motifs to make them dimensional. Easy to assemble with the PDF instructions provided. Fold and tuck them into an envelope and send off to someone special!

Approximate Size:
Balloon Outline: 3.17 x 3.94 in./8.10 x 10.00 cm
Balloon Insert: 3.04 x 3.72 in./7.70 x 9.50 cm
Top Balloon Embellishment: 1.51 x 2.95 in./3.80 x 7.50 cm
Middle Balloon Embellishment: 3.14 x 1.29 in./8.00 x 3.30 cm
Bottom Balloon Embellishment: 2.13 x 2.10 in./5.40 x 5.30 cm
Balloon Uprights: 1.38 x 1.36 in./3.50 x 3.40 cm
Basket: 1.27 x 0.96 in./3.20 x 2.40 cm
Basket Edge Layer: 1.14 x 0.82 in./2.90 x 2.10 cm
Basket Bottom Layer: 0.82 x 0.53 in./2.10 x 1.30 cm
Balloon Decorative Band: 0.53 x 1.12 in./1.40 x 2.80 cm
Flag (4 pcs): 0.33 x 0.62 in./0.80 x 1.60 cm
Cloud (2 pcs): 1.59 x 1.49 in./4.00 x 3.80 cm
Grass: 1.12 x 2.73 in./2.80 x 6.90 cm
3D Vignette Side Piece Outline: 0.73 x 1.60 in./1.80 x 4.10 cm
3D Vignette Side Piece Insert: 0.65 x 1.24 in./1.70 x 3.20 cm
3D Vignette Cross Bar: 0.734 x 3.20 in./1.80 x 8.10 cm
Connector Bar: 0.20 x 1.72 in./0.50 x 4.40 cm
Connector Circle (4 pcs): 0.33 x 0.33 in./0.80 x 0.80 cm
Keep Smiling: 0.19 x 1.87 in./0.50 x 4.70 cm
Blue Skies Ahead: 0.19 x 2.53 in./0.50 x 6.40 cm

Click Here to view the instructions PDF